1. arielzambelich:


    Photos from Hunters Point and Brownsville by Alex Welsh.

    Alex Welsh gettin’ some much-deserved Tumblr love.

    This body of work is really great. Go Alex!


  2. lovebryan:

    From August Adventures by Andrew White.


  3. mikebelleme:

    In one day we poured concrete for four new obstacles at the “foundation” our DIY skate spot in Asheville. We raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 for the project I think. Still lots more to be done.


  4. lovebryan:

    From August Adventures by Andrew White.


  5. The past few weeks were fun.


  6. vansmusic:

    Kid Dynamite, Joyce Manor, Red Hare, and Swearin’ took the House of Vans stage in Brooklyn, NY last night for our fifth event of the summer. We’ve got one to go on August 29th. Don’t miss out on the live webcast for that event at vans.com/houseparties

    Photos: Andrew White 

    Last night’s event was chill


  7. Yea buddy!

    (Source: duranduranphoto)


  8. lovebryan:

    From It Was Time To Jump by Danilo Parra.



  9. lovebryan:

    Bust-Yer-Butt Falls from Hi-Octane by Bryan Derballa.


  10. lovebryan:

    From Get Lost by Andrew White.