1. lovebryan:

    From Warmth by Andrew White.


  2. lovebryan:

    I started skateboarding 20 years ago today. It’s been the single greatest influence in my life. It taught me who I am. It encouraged me to move beyond my small town and see the world. It gave me a passion that I’ve been able towards all other aspects of my life. Thanks for a great twenty years.

    — Bryan Derballa

    (Photo by David Read in New Zealand in 2002)


  3. lovebryan:

    Our buddy Philip Montgomery photographed Ramadan for The New York Times. Here a man prays in a vacant Burger King.


  4. jfpetersphoto:

    Hey folks, I’m excited to share a new project I’ve been working on in San Diego called California Winter. For more info please follow the gallery link below and it would be awesome if you could help share it around. Hope your all well!

    California Winter


  5. mikebelleme:

    This is my favorite magazine article I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. This is a personal project as a follow up to Kids of Hate and Love. This is chapter 2 about coming to terms with a new life outside of skateboarding as we grow up while still trying to keep the skate dream alive. Thanks so much to Huck Magazine for letting me do this. It was an amazing experience to get closer to my friends and explore my own thoughts on this topic. I will continue working on the story, this is just phase one.


  6. arielzambelich:


    Photos from Hunters Point and Brownsville by Alex Welsh.

    Alex Welsh gettin’ some much-deserved Tumblr love.

    This body of work is really great. Go Alex!


  7. lovebryan:

    From August Adventures by Andrew White.


  8. mikebelleme:

    In one day we poured concrete for four new obstacles at the “foundation” our DIY skate spot in Asheville. We raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 for the project I think. Still lots more to be done.


  9. lovebryan:

    From August Adventures by Andrew White.


  10. The past few weeks were fun.